Golding announces AMA Awards for MP1

Golding announces AMA Awards for MP1
Posted on 12/14/2021
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Golding Middle School is excited to honor sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students in our first Academic Merit Awards for the 2021-22 school year.

The awards, which are given out at the end of each marking period, recognize both academic excellence as well as dedication, resilience, leadership and an "above and beyond" effort. 

There are two categories of Academic Merit Awards:

- Academic Excellence Award: For students who excel in a particular subject area or multiple subject areas. These students may have high academic averages, but do not necessarily have to be the students with the highest averages.

- Academic Merit Award: For students who have gone above and beyond in their class(es). Merit awards may also be based on social-emotional characteristics. Examples of awards in the merit category include but are not limited to: most improved, perseverance, resilience, effort, volunteering, participation.

Below are the winners for Marking Period 1:



Guiliana Althiser: Guiliana is a diligent student who always strives to learn and understand. She asks thought-provoking questions. When she grasps a concept, she is the first to go out of her way to help a peer with their work if she can.

Collin Yorke:
Collin is a strong, conscientious student. He puts effort into the work that he does and leads others to do the same. During class, he participates in group discussions and always has a story to share. Collin is a dedicated, highly achieving student.

Chase Henry: Chase is always striving to do his best work. He isn’t afraid to ask questions or to offer knowledge that he may have about a topic. Chase always participates and gives 100% effort to every task.

Daniel Ruenes: Daniel works hard every day to complete his work with his best effort and accuracy. He is a modest student, model peer and is willing to work with all students.

Madeline Wilding: Madeline is a solid student who goes above and beyond to be successful.


Talan Smith: Talan is always making connections to our content; she participates and always keeps a positive attitude. She pushes herself to understand what is going on in class and her inquisitiveness helps other students in the process.

Bella Swartout: Bella works hard every day to complete her work with her best effort and accuracy.  She sets her sights on getting to optional challenges each day!

Kaydin Russell: Kaydin always gives 100% on his work! Kaydin always tries to do his best to stay on top of what is going on in class. He is always respectful and kind to everyone that he comes into contact with.

Addisyn Robson: Addisyn always gives 100% on her work; she makes connections to the content and she is eager to learn more and will help anyone in class. She always has a smile on her face and stays positive in every situation.

Bailey Jonker: Bailey always puts 100% into her work. She asks questions and seeks to understand what she is learning. She has a very positive attitude towards learning and accepts new challenges.




Riley France: Riley comes to class each and every day prepared and eager to learn. She is always someone you can count on to participate and encourage others to participate through her positive attitude and lead-by-example character. Keep up the good work, Riley!

Olivia VanEvera: Olivia wants to do well, and it shows! She does not hesitate to ask clarifying questions and advocate for herself if she does not understand something. She is always eager to learn with a smile on her face. Her kindness and positivity illuminate the classroom. Keep up the good work, Olivia!

Alex Hertzler: Alex always gives 100%, whether he is taking a test or completing a daily warm up. He consistently completes tasks that are asked of him and is eager for more to challenge himself. As a 7th grader, it is impressive how well he advocates for himself. He is a very responsible young man. Keep up the good work, Alex!

Laney Trappenburg: Laney is a strong, conscientious student. She puts effort into the work that she does and leads others to do the same. During class she participates in group discussions by asking thoughtful questions to her peers and listening closely to their responses. Laney is a dedicated, highly achieving student.

Larissa Hackney: Larissa is a very hardworking and dedicated student. She always contributes to the classroom in a positive way and is always willing to help her peers. Larissa comes to class with a smile and participates in all activities.


Landon Hulslander: Landon works hard day in and day out. He is the first to finish an assignment or activity at home if he didn’t finish it in class, without a teacher having to remind him. Landon’s positive attitude, happy personality, and hard work ethic will continue to bring success. Keep up the good work Landon!

Karley Davidson: Karley is a hard worker. She perseveres when problem solving and always has a positive attitude. Karley is kind to everyone in her class, no matter what. Karley’s character is one that we hope many of her classmates will model. Keep up the good work, Karley!

Charity Walters: Charity is a quiet leader in the classroom. She leads by example by being prepared for class, participating, and completing anything she is asked without hesitation. Her work ethic will continue to make her successful. Keep up the good work, Charity!

Evan Deminski: Evan is a hard worker. He always completes assignments and tasks that are asked of him in a timely manner. He shows responsibility in the classroom and has a great work ethic. Keep it up, Evan!

Jared Becker: Jared always comes to class with an eagerness to learn. He is always helpful to teachers and classmates. Jared is an outstanding young man and a pleasure to have in class. Keep it up, Jared!




Mollie Soucia: Mollie is a hard worker who always strives to do her best. She is engaged in all of her classes and she exemplifies responsibility and diligence in her studies.

Dylan Gallagher: Dylan is a hard worker, focused, eager and willing to complete any task/challenge presented to him. He is also kind, respectful and humble.

Matilda Walton: Matilda is a caring and kind person, who always lends a helping hand.  Matilda takes initiative to work with others and helps them toward completing class assignments. Matilda always gives 100% in her assignments in all of her classes.

Allison Prezorski:
In Studio Art, Allison redrew a still life drawing project about 7 times to get it correct. She struggled with getting the concept of drawing BIG to satisfy the assignment’s criteria. It took multiple days (and attempts) to understand the process. She eventually got it by drawing the image upside down.

Abigail Smith:
Abigail clearly loves learning. She is always engaged in classwork and is an active participant during classes. Abby displays creativity in otherwise “everyday” assignments and seeks out opportunities to put her personality into her work.


Logan Hulslander: Logan has a wonderful attitude towards his work and performance at school. He is always helpful and engaged and he is unafraid of taking risks with his learning. It is truly a joy to teach Logan.