C-R updates return-to-school protocols

C-R updates return-to-school protocols
Posted on 01/13/2022
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Over the past week, we have looked carefully at our protocols for how staff members and students return to school following an illness. Our discussion took into account the current state of the pandemic.

  • Case counts are enormously high.

  • Securing testing and receiving results in a timely manner can be very difficult.

  • State, local and federal guidance regarding quarantine and isolation is changing daily.

Given these realities, we have updated our own procedures. We are hopeful these new policies will keep our students in school as much as possible, while also continuing to limit the transmission of illness within our buildings. 

Effective Friday, January 14, our protocols will be as follows:

Scenario 1: A student/staff member misses school or is sent home due to COVID-19 symptoms.

The student/staff member can return to school if symptoms are improving and with one of the following:

A lab-interpreted negative test result from a testing site, doctor’s office, pharmacy, etc.


Two negative test results using at-home rapid tests. The tests must be taken 36 hours apart, and the parent/guardian or staff member must sign a sworn attestation form affirming the test is being reported to the district accurately. The forms can be found here:

Staff attestation

Student attestation

Scenario 2: A student/staff member tests positive for COVID-19.

The student/staff member should report the result to the Schoharie County Department of Health and can return to school when:

The student/staff member has remained home for five days from the onset of symptoms (or from the date of the positive test result, if the individual has no symptoms). 


The student./staff member’s symptoms are improving. 

Scenario 3: A student/staff member has been exposed to COVID-19, but has no symptoms.

As you may be aware from media reports, Governor Hochul announced earlier this week that the state is no longer carrying out contact tracing. How that will impact quarantine orders from county health departments remains to be seen. 

For now, we are urging anyone who may have been exposed to COVID-19 to closely monitor for symptoms. Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, regardless of whether there has been a known exposure, should stay home from school.

These new protocols require partnership, personal accountability and a shared commitment to keeping our schools safe. Your cooperation with all of our health and safety procedures continues to be sincerely appreciated. 

If you have any questions about our new protocols, please email us at [email protected], or call the district office at 518-234-4032, ext. 2000.