C-R High School's pledge against hate

C-R High School's pledge against hate
Posted on 11/05/2021
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C-R High School’s Agents of Positive Change took the first step toward becoming a “No Place for Hate School.” 

This past week, the Agents of Positive Change invited students and staff to sign a pledge committing to the group’s core values of understanding and respect for all.

The pledge states:

I WILL SEEK TO GAIN UNDERSTANDING of those who are different from myself. 

I WILL SPEAK OUT against prejudice and discrimination. 

I WILL REACH OUT to support those who are targets of hate. 

I WILL PROMOTE RESPECT for people and help foster a prejudice-free school. 

I BELIEVE that one person can make a difference - no person can be an “innocent” bystander when it comes to opposing hate. 

I RECOGNIZE that respecting individual dignity and promoting intergroup harmony are the responsibilities of all students. 


CR is NO Place for Hate! #crcs #agentsofpositivechange #AoPC #NoPlacePlaceforHate #adl @agentsofpositivechange

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Agents of Positive Change will develop three school-wide activities over the course of the school year that will focus on making C-R High School an accepting place for ALL students and staff.  

This will be the third year the Agents of Positive Change are striving to be designated a “No Place for Hate School” by the Anti-Defamation League. The No Place For Hate initiative offers students, teachers, and administrators the opportunity to work together to combat prejudice and enhance a culture of respect in the school community.

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