From the Superintendent's Desk

November 2020

Dear C-R families -

As we reflect on the past few months of our reopening and look ahead to the coming winter, I am at once proud of all we have accomplished as a community and also braced for challenges that lie ahead. 

On the one hand, we have nearly 1,300 students learning onsite while we educate over 300 students remotely. This would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of our staff as well as the support and partnership of our families. We know our families have endured inconveniences and made sacrifices to help keep our school community safe. Please know we are grateful for your flexibility and understanding!

Unfortunately, at the same time, it’s apparent that warnings about a “second wave” of COVID may be coming to fruition. Cases are rapidly rising nationally, regionally, and right here in Schoharie County. It is critically important, now more than ever, that we remain vigilant both in and out of school and stay committed to the health-and-safety principles outlined in our Reopening Plan.

Please remember:

- Mask-wearing and social-distancing are required whenever you’re around others inside our facilities. It can be easy to let our guard down, especially as “COVID fatigue” sets in, but the evidence is clear that these measures can have a profound impact on limiting the spread of illness.  

- Wash your hands frequently and use hand-sanitizer.

- Cover your coughs and sneezes, and wash/sanitize your hands afterward.

- If you are ill, please stay home. I know this is an especially difficult guideline for students who pride themselves on exceptional attendance. But this year, it is absolutely critical that anyone with symptoms associated with COVID stay home. 
I also would like to note, as we see increasing numbers of students placed under quarantine, that I understand how difficult these circumstances can be for families. Please keep in mind that the Schoharie County Department of Health, and not the district, determines who will need to quarantine. At this time, county health officials are casting an especially wide net with quarantines to include any individual who possibly was exposed to COVID. Although the inconvenience and hardship they create can be frustrating, quarantines are critical to stopping the spread of the illness before it seeds an outbreak in our community.

As we move into the winter, we will continue to work very closely with state and local health officials to monitor the prevalence of COVID locally and regionally. Though the circumstances of the pandemic continue to evolve, our commitment remains unchanged: Our schools must be safe for our students and our staff. Our goal is to maximize opportunities for onsite learning for as long as it remains safe to do so. But we will not compromise on our promise to have staff and students in our buildings only when we can safely do so.

Thank you for your continued support, patience and dedication, and please feel free to contact the district office should you have any questions or concerns. 


Carl J. Mummenthey
Superintendent of Schools